Feb 23, 2013

Red Velvet Cookies & Cream Brownies

Ok, stop salivating or carb counting inside your head right now. Regardless of anything you might be thinking as you read this post, despite the excuses you might be making right now, these brownies will be made and they will be made by you, mighty blog reader. And then they will be eaten, and the whole experience will be glorious. This is a fact.

Anyways, enough of that (whatever what I just wrote above is...), I will reiterate my point. I found this recipe on Pinterest the other day, and made the brownies with all haste. Sadly, my Spartan Lifestyle plan is slowly crumbling as of late. I can't take cold showers because I am sick, and I can't really work out since I am recovering from my injury...Naturally I thought some brownies couldn't really worsen the situation so I broke the gluten free rule too (but just for now! I'll be back gluten with a boycott vengeance!)

The brownies themselves were quick and simple to make, fun and different from your average baking recipe, and they were the most delicious brownies I have ever made or eaten. The entire pan of brownies is already gone, and it has only been a few hours, and while my stomach may be in great pain my mind is happy. But enough talk. On to the recipe!

However, as I do not believe that it is right for me to copy shamelessly (as many do, unfortunately), I will just share this recipe rather than just re-write what has already been written. The blog that the Pinterest image redirected me to was http://thedomesticrebel.com, a great blog filled with oodles and oodles of great recipes, clear instructions, and overall good desserts. The recipe for the brownies can be found here, although I highly suggest keeping the blog in mind for future recipes (bookmark that stuff).

My Brownies
As for my own little spin on the recipe, I suggest using an all edge brownie tray (still 13x9 just like the recipe), and adding some extra Oreo bits for more crunch (I didn't add enough, unfortunately). Other than that though the recipe really can't be altered (if it ain't broke don't fix it!)

 Domestic Rebel Brownies

Well, I guess when you compare the pictures I may have missed the mark by a tad (only just a tad), but they still tasted great and will definitely be made again. I hope you like the recipe, and be sure to comment what you think or share with friends! Thanks!



  1. Hi Tom,
    Do all Canadian tenns write in such a funny way?
    Your postvwas fun to red and I bet the brownies were good, too.

    1. Ahh you are too kind :)but thanks and I'm glad you enjoyed reading the recipe! And the brownies were delicious indeed. I highly recommend them!