Jan 12, 2013

This Blog and Suggestions

Alright. I have been blogging for about a month now, and I am enjoying the whole process very, very much. Some of my posts have even gotten comments to my amazement (actually people have seen this blog!), and the amount of traffic this blog gets, while meager, is growing slowly but steadily. The whole experience is just fun and immensely rewarding in general.

However, after looking at some of the top blogs in the world (and ones that are just plain good), I decided that my blog needs to be revamped and changed a little. Will this blog become a niche type of blog where I write everything and anything about French poodles or Yukon Gold Potatoes? No, that would drive me insane. I want this blog to remain a place where I can write about the things that I find interesting or funny, and more importantly a place where I can share things with others for mutual happiness. But, alas, some things definitely need changing and I am not sure what.

The inspiration for this post actually comes from the blog http://zenhabits.net/. I find it  both remarkable and amazing that a blog with no visual elements or in your face catchy titles has such a following, but the more I think about it and read that website the more I love the idea. Now, that does not mean there will be no visual content on this blog (I can't describe my recipes that well!), but I will try to limit the amount of "fluff" that this blog has on each page. Over the next few days I will try to optimize pages, the commenting system, and overall functionality of this blog, and perhaps with simplicity this blog will become a better site altogether.

As for the few readers that stumble across this blog, I ask you to please leave any comment you have for suggestions about how I can make this blog a better blog right here. Do you suffer from slow load times? Are any visual elements too obnoxious and flashy? Do you hate some of the content? Do you have suggestions for future content or categories? Anything at all, please comment on this page!

Thanks! And I truly appreciate every viewer I have had up till this point. You motivate me to post, and you help this blog grow.

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