Jul 26, 2013

Pillsbury Cookie Dough Calzone Recipe - Super Easy!

I had a sleep over with a few friends about a week or so ago (never too old), and whenever we have a sleepover the one thing that must happen is some cooking/experimentation in the kitchen. However, not wanting to spend that much money but to still actually be able to enjoy something tasty, we took some time thinking. What was the result after our meticulous planning (about five minutes)? A $12, ten minute recipe: The Cookie Dough Calzone.

This calzone is probably incorporated into the dreams of every kid who has ever eaten cookie dough straight from the tube before. It is the ultimate sweet-tooth dessert, and since you can stuff anything you want inside of the calzone, the possibilities are endless and any additional cravings one may have can easily be sated. 

Here is what you need:

  • 2 packages of Pillsbury Cookie Dough (the tube packaging works best). Don't get oatmeal, and don't get normal. Go heavy duty with the double chocolate chip. 
  • A pan....something that you would bake a cake in or something, just not too large. 
  • Oil to grease the bottom of said pan so the calzone doesn't stick. 

Simple right? Now here is what else you might consider buying (at the time, we were under the peanut butter chocolate craving fixation):

  • 2 packages of Reese's Pieces (you probably won't need all of them, and if the package is large then just buy one).
Of course if you have a different craving going on then buy something different. Mint chocolate, white chocolate, caramel, ice cream, whipped cream, icing...Whatever. Just buy something that can be stuffed reasonably well into the calzone and then do it!

And now for the steps:

  • Spray pan with oil to prevent sticking
  • Using 1 package of cookie dough, line the bottom of the pan completely (like a pizza) 
  • Place desired stuffing on dough
Prepare your arteries 

Granted we probably used a bit too much stuffing, but really, as with most of my recipes, this is about as fail safe as it gets. 

  • Drape the 2nd package of cookie dough over the stuffing and base, and press down firmly. You want it to be like a calzone! We didn't really bother shaping ours, but if you wish you can shape it so it actually resembles a calzone and not...this...
You wouldn't even guess what waits
beneath the surface of this thing. 

Yes, we were a bit lazy, and we did add too many toppings, but it tasted good and it was cheap! Bake to desired consistency, but remember that there is a great deal of raw egg in the mixture. We hardly baked ours because we wanted to eat raw cookie dough and peanut butter essentially, and needless to say our stomachs were of fire for about 2 days afterwards. 

Enjoy, and hopefully if you are reading this and decide to try this recipe in the future you don't end up getting salmonella. Cheers, and good eating! 


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