May 8, 2013

Creativity Cripples - Ergonomics and Whatnot...

I will be forced to keep this post short unfortunately, as my hands and wrists have been aflame lately due to the massive amount of writing I have been doing and the poor posture I do it with (it's not my fault I write on the sofa, it is too comfy for it's own good).

Essentially, I have been writing a lot over the past few months with my poor posture and ergonomics, and I began to notice pains developing in my hands and arms. I decided to stop using a computer for ten days in order to let my hands heal from the repetitive strain. For some reason (which I think is unfair), after ten days the pain has continued, and after seeing a doctor his recommendation was to take lots of advil, put icy-hot cream on, and wait it out...for up to two weeks perhaps. Needless to say I am irritated by this, and the fact that I cannot write for a little while is more frustrating than I would have guessed.

Anyway! For those of you who type a lot, be it for a job or hobby, I strongly recommend looking up some hand stretches and exercises that can help prevent that beginnings of inflammation and pain. Furthermore, buy as many wrist-resting, hand-comforting, random ergonomic products as possible, for both the peace of mind and for the alleviation of the strain on the hands. A good website I discovered for some explanation on why our hands can hurt from typing, as well as some stretches we can use to help our hands, is There are hundreds of others, but this website is a decent start.

 I will definitely be doing these stretches and resting, and hopefully I can blog more often come the following months...I was given a gluten free chocolate cookie recipe and I believe it is time to make it and share it. However, expect a lull in content. Despite my efforts I do not think I will be able to blog for a time.


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