Mar 31, 2013

An Artsy Side to Things

Howdy y`all?

Okay, perhaps that is a little too hick for my personality, but I'm just writing a quick post as a little "informative" piece on what is happening and what is soon to come (no need to be too serious). I don't necessarily want to go on a rant about what is going on in my personal life and such, but rather what I have planned for this blog in the near future. I know I posted a while back about the whole "zen habits" ideology and how "less is more",  and have since cut down on the amount of clutter this blog has (as well as the clutter of other areas, such as my room). This post is regarding a similar idea...Change!

A brand spanking new idea, actually, and it will add a entire new aspect to this blog! Quite revolutionary, indeed, or at least it is to me in some sense. Let me begin by basically giving a recap of the last few months for a start, and then I can describe what the result will be for the blog. 

I have really gotten into music and writing as of late, but in a more abstract way and loose fashion. I am still working on my fiction book, I still try to practice guitar as much as I can force myself to, but I now have a different channel to which much of my creative energy is directed. The last two months or so have been filled with the writing of poems, lyrics, free verse rambles, and a novella that, while I cannot reveal the concept yet, is definitely an interesting thing to work on. I am also reading new genres that I have generally not ventured into, and currently the philosophy, human nature, and wisdom books that I am taking a look at are proving to be very enticing. Overall, it has been an immensely creative and rewarding time so far.  

So what does this mean, other than Tom is becoming a hermit? Well, not much really, but I thought I should give a heads up to whoever reads this blog on occasion that there may be a bombardment of "different" material. I will still post recipes, I will still post workout things, and I will still post things from other categories, but there will be a new aspect that will be an integral part of the blog from this point. Perhaps I will share music I am enjoying at the moment, or maybe I will write a post on a book that moved or inspired me. I  might share poetry or lyrics I have written, or the works of other artists that I read. And there is always the possibility I won't even share something related to art whatsoever. A cool article, a piece of news...anything that perks my interest could potentially appear on the front page. I am really looking forward to expanding the categories this blog has to offer, and in time there may be something more to read than a recipe or two. 

Currently, I have a few ideas that are working away inside my brain, and I am very excited to share some of them with you as soon as possible. I think that this effort will prove worthwhile and beneficial for this blog, and I hope it can "mature" into something of worth or value. Thanks!

- Tom

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