Jan 10, 2013

Simple Student Food - Stuffed Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

With exams and summative time approaching, students everywhere are beginning to feel the pressure of all their classes. This obviously included myself, and it is the primary reason I have not posted anything in the last few days (to my great dismay I cannot skip school during this apparently important time.) However, during one of my unsuccessful fridge/pantry raids when I was taking a homework break, I realized that it can sometimes be hard to even know what to eat between study breaks. Just as I was about to forgo eating for the next little while, Pillsbury crescents saved the day. The following is an amazing, tasty, and easy recipe to use during crunch time.

  • Store bought Pillsbury Crescents (the one that comes in the tube. You know!)
  • Your favorite deli ham
  • Your favorite cheese (no need to get fancy... I like simple mozzarella)
  • Green onion, chopped
Note* This is just one of thousands of recipes you can make. Want to make a nutella crescent roll? Go for it! Blue cheese, walnuts, ham, and cranberries? Why not? Almost any flavour combination goes well on bread, and it goes even better when wrapped inside a fluffy crescent. Just experiment with ingredients that compliment each other.

The Steps:
  • Unroll crescent mixture from packaging.
  • Lay the dough so it is flat  (do this on a baking tray).
  • At one end of the dough, spread and sprinkle all of your ingredients. (Tear up the ham and put it there, sprinkle on the cheese, add the green onions. Simple right?)
  • Roll up the dough (this will make it so the ingredients are on the inside of the crescents)
  • Cut into portions, and bake as instructed. If the ingredients you added may burn or not cook fully, bake based on your judgement.
Totally didn't edit this photo to make the food look better...

And there you have it. Simple but delicious exam food. Cred to the sister yet again for the recipe. Hope if you try this recipe you like it, and if you do, make sure to comment, subscribe, or share with friends. Thanks!

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