Dec 27, 2012

Ultimate Nachos

While my parents referred to the nachos my friends and I made as "an abomination", I hold the firm conviction that what we created was not a blatant waste of food but was rather beautiful and delicious. The following will serve as a quick recipe/guide to how you can make the most amazing nachos for any occasion, be it football night, movie night, or just some good chow time.

What You Will Need:
  •  3 bags (or two depending on how much you want) of Dorito chips. Chose your favourite flavors, but I suggest one cheese and one jalapeƱo pepper.
  • Store bought chunky chili (1 can)
  • Chinese Fried Rice (buy the minute made version, comes in small packets but expands into lots of rice).
  • Chunky, mild salsa.
  • As much cheese as you can find, we ended up using close to a kilogram (despicable I know).
  • Green onion, red peppers, and any other vegetables you want (not necessary of course!)
  • One can of cheese wiz (if feeling adventurous, make your own cheese sauce like we did).
  • One package of bacon, the more the better.
The Steps:
  • Grate all the cheese! DO NOT decide to do this last minute, the salsa will make the nachos soggy if you wait too long.
  • Microwave bacon and set aside (or make a bacon weave if feeling adventurous!)
  • Prepare all ingredients (cut peppers and onion, prepare stomach for mass consumption of food, etc.).
  • On as large a pan as you can find, lay down a sheet of nachos. spread some salsa, some vegetables, and all of the Chinese fried rice. Then add some cheese.
  • Add the second layer of nachos on top, and top that with the remaining vegetables, some salsa, all of the chili, and more cheese.
  • Add the third and final layer of nachos. Place the bacon on top of the food mountain, and pour the entire jar of cheese wiz over top of it. Take a few moments to think about what you have just done, and then put the child sized monster into the oven to bake until all the cheese has melted and things are nice and crispy. Remove, eat, and enjoy! And if you like this recipe, subscribe to this blog or share this recipe with your friends!
The Finished Product
  Bacon Weave Skills!


  1. Wow, this looks amazing. The bacon weave? Just epic.

    1. Haha thanks! We were going for a little bit of an "Epic Meal Time" type of thing. Glad you like it!