Dec 22, 2012

Blog Time!

Well, the time has finally come for me to start my very own blog. I did a fair bit of research, spent time deciding on a name, looked into the rules and such of this new world, and yet I still have little to no clue what this blog will even be about. Naturally this is the hardest part...Something I did not expect.

And so the only option I see fit is to make this blog an archive (or jumbled mess) of the things that interest me, a sixteen year old Canadian teen boy! How exciting, what could possibly go wrong? (Besides everything). Cooking, fitness, reading, writing, music, guitar, video games (but of course), humour, travel, and most importantly my general thoughts and observations shall be some of the many topics that will make this blog a masterpiece of human achievement and awesomeness! Well, maybe it won't go that far, but I hopefully will at least make a blog that some fellow people out there on the great wide internet can at least relate to or enjoy reading, and maybe get a laugh or two.

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